The Center is involved in archaeological research in Georgia. Our main research partners are the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara.

The main long-term projects underway are:

Interdisciplinary project in Kutaisi. Polish-Georgian excavations in the frame of Kutaisi Archaeological Landscape Project, in which our Krukowski Center is the leading partner.

Polish-Georgian Expedition Gonio-Apsaros. In this case, the Krukowski Foundation supports research conducted on this archaeological site by the Faculty of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw and the Gonio-Apsaros Museum and Sanctuary.

We are also one of the organizers of the scientific conference called ”Chrysomallos. Polish Archaeologists on the Black Sea and in the Caucasus”, which is an annual event at the University of Warsaw.

Among other projects realized by the Center can be mention:

3D scanning of the Bronze Age megalithic complex in Saro (Georgia), as well as 3D documentation and tourist adaptation of the Gvarjilas Glde cave (Chiatura, Georgia).

The Center also manages the renovation and equipping of the Kutaisi Science Station. This task is already in progress and it is fully financed by the Polish National Foundation.

Our Center also supported the editorial work of the book on Prof. Stefan Krukowski research in the Gvarjilas Glde cave (Chiatura, Georgia).